The Digging process

is the core of Theta Healing® technique and the key to true change.


Digging is like a dance and may happen with joy, because the more we relax, the deeper we can go!

In these two days you will learn how to work with your subconscious in 8 different ways.

Each path is like another dance step, but once practiced and understood, it can easily be combined into a dance with the other paths, because they often flow into each other.

"Practice creates masters."

This universal truth is the guide for our two days. You will see demonstrations of digging and dig a lot with yourself in pair work. Often we do not like to sit down at home and allow ourselves to work deeply with us. The normal protective reflex of our subconscious kicks in and we suddenly have many other things to do. ;)

This seminar is therefore the best way to deepen your practice.


What you learn, practice, and experience during the 2 days:

  • the 8 ways of digging
  • deep healing of fears, resentments and blockages
  • How you work with genetics, your DNA, and free yourself from old contracts, oaths & promises
  • Demonstrations 
  • how you can dig with yourself
  • Do's & Don'ts in the digging technique
  • Practice, practice, practice

After successful completion of the seminar you will receive a certificate as "Theta Healing Dig Deeper Practitioner"

The seminar contains: The seminar manual for the seminar


Investment: 390 €

Prerequisite: Basic DNA Practitioner, Advanced DNA Practitioner


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