Basic DNA

is the introduction to the theta healing technique.

During the three days of the seminar you will learn the cornerstones and the philosophy of the Theta Healing Technique.

This energetic healing method gives you a direct and clear path to the energy of creation and connects you easily and simply with your subconsciousness. Thus you experience a direct access to your thought and feeling world, which just forms your life.

Therefore, you get a new understanding of yourself. You learn what the subconscious is actually and what role it plays in your life.

How to create beliefs and feelings and how to release existing blockages with the support of the power of the creator.

You are allowed to experience yourself and your connection with the creator anew and thereby consciously shape your reality.


The seminar consists of 70% practice and 30% theory, so you can apply and apply all the new tools and knowledge in the three days.



In these 3 days of the seminar you learn, experience and practice:

  • The cornerstones of the Theta Healing® method, the belief and feeling
  • The Digging technique
  • The Theta Healing Meditation
  • The 7 planes of existences, the philosophy of the Theta Healing® method
  • Communication with your guardian angels
  • Manifesting - the conscious creation of your reality
  • Body Scans & Readings
  • Group healing
  • Release fears and beliefs that block you
  • Healing from anger, resentment & rejection
  • DNA activation of all 12 DNA strands, including the chromosome of youth & vitality


After successful completion of the seminar you will receive a certificate as "Theta Healing Basic DNA Practitioner" 

The seminar includes: The seminar manual for the course, the book "Healing Power of Creation" by Vianna Stibal


Your investment: 400€ online

Prerequisite: none


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