ThetaHealing® One-on-One Session

"Recognize your strengths and allow yourself to write your own life story again ."


How does a Theta Healing® session work?


At the beginning of the session, we will discuss your wishes and intentions. Then I connect with the creator of all that is and do a reading with your permission. Here I am shown on all levels of your being what is currently going on in your life and where to start. Then the belief and emotional work starts and together we go on the journey to find the basic programs that have to be released. Healing happens by understanding yourself, so we are in a conversation throughout the session, as light and fluid as a dance.

I am guided all the time by the creator through whom the healing also happens.

Thus, the session comes from pure unconditional love, truth, and energy of creation.


It is always recommended to drink some water before a session so that you are well hydrated.



How many sessions are needed?


It depends on the topic and the individual healing process of the client. Every person is their own universe.

While some can be solved in one session, others require several healing sessions.

For example, in the case of chronic pain, it is often the case that the causes manifest themselves in layers, which are then released step by step, depending on the willingness of the client.

In each session, exactly what is best for the client at the moment is solved.


Telephone session

Since Theta Healing® is an energetic healing method and I am connected to your energetic field, we can also work together over the distance. The procedure of the session is the same as when we would meet up in person. 



Your investment: 


60 min à 140 €

90 min à 210 €


My offer of spiritual healing serves to support and stimulate the self-healing powers and replaces neither diagnoses nor visits to the doctor.

Your registration


Book your appointment over the booking calendar

The time slots are always 90 min but you can choose whether you like a 60 0r 90 min session in the booking form.

Cancellation policy

You have to cancel your appointment 24 hours before, after 24 hours you will be charged for the session.