Energetische Raumreinigung

"Let your home support you and be your personal oasis of wellbeing."


Every day we leave DNA imprints of ourselves in our environment, everything we touch once gets a DNA trace from us. It stores our emotions and thought forms that we had at the time.

Likewise, your apartment or house contains energy from previous tenants, from the construction of the house, from all happenings that have happened in the rooms. The land on which your house stands has also saved its own history.


So it is normal for you to feel more tired in some rooms than in others, because foreign energies can still be stored there.

With the power of the creator can

1. Your living room or house to be cleaned

- of old thoughts and emotions of previous tenants & the country

- of departed souls who are still there

- of all kinds of forms of energy that counteract the harmony and balance of living space

-of traumas of the earth on which the living space stands


2. Individual charging of the living space with desired energy forms such. Joy, harmony, protection, security ...


Investment for cleaning: 60 min à 90 €


There is always an individual preliminary talk (free of charge) of about 15 minutes by phone, where we clarify your wishes and I get an impression of the time exposure.


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