Crystal Layout Sitzung

"Dive deep into the qualities and adventures of your soul."


Crystal Layout, developed by Christina E. High, is a method that uses the power of crystals to travel into past, parallel, and future lifetimes of the soul, inviting the powerful abilities gained there to the present.

The crystals create a deep theta wave that allows the soul journeys.

It is a very powerful process, which can take from 3 to 6 months to download all the skills / virtues / feelings from each life in the Now completely, at every level of your being.

  • Download already mastered skills from other lives of your soul into your now and let them support you on your way
  • Communicate with Ascended Masters & Goddesses
  • Remember your soul plan and get more information and insight about your project here in your present life
  • Discover relationships with family members in past lives, thereby understanding patterns of behavior better that are emerging in the now. Let go of old vows and invite the positive into your life.
  • Resolve old traumas & fears
  • Travel to other planets and dimensions

One session lasts 90-120 min

Investment: 140 €

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