About Christina

Aloha, Sat nam!


The wings of my heart have been beating for creativity on the one hand and spirituality on the other since childhood.

I started with ballet as a child, then singing and later acting came into my life.

Astrology, dream interpretation and numerology sparked my interest as a teenager and as my first healing method I learned Reiki according to the USUI system in my early 20s.

From an early age I was preoccupied with the following questions:

Why are we here on earth? Why are people the way they are? What is it that shapes you? And what is the driving force behind it all?

As a child and teenager, I had many food allergies, suffered from constant nightmares and contracted Lyme disease.

I wanted to find out why.

My favorite question was "Why", "What is the root?"

 Through acting, I dealt a lot with psychological topics and got to know myself better in the process.

I was aware of many issues, but I didn't know how to finally let go of them. So I sent a prayer that I could find something that would help me. And it was answered.

Acting brought me to Los Angeles in 2012/2013, where I got to know Kundalini Yoga and the Theta Healing® technique.

Kundalini Yoga opened my heart and let me come into contact with myself in a very deep way.

Theta Healing® was the answer to my prayer. After the first session I received, I felt: I want to learn and teach that.

So in 2013 my training in the Theta Healing® technique began in Berlin and I embarked on a whole new journey

to get to know.

My intuitive abilities awoke and I remembered

my creative power ...


"The whole world is a stage and all women and men are mere actors. ”- William Shakespeare.


Film and life are built on the same principle.

There is a script = your life story

There is an author = that's you.

There are co-authors = your family, genetics, group consciousnesses ..

There is a main role = that is you

There are supporting roles = You fill them.

There is a director = you are.


Everything starts with yourself.

I am happy to support you to write your own story again,

one in which you can live your true self - free, fulfilled and self-empowered.






My Qualifications


Kundalini Yoga Teacher Level 1  (220 hours) certified from the  Kundalini Yoga Research Institute

Divine Woman Divine Mother Pregnancy Yoga Teacher and Postpartum Doula Training


Theta Healing®  Practitioner Certifications:

Basic DNA

Advanced DNA 

Dig Deeper

You & Creator

You & Your inner circle

You & Your Life Partner

Intuitive Anatomie

World Relations



Family Ties

Manifestation & Abundance

Game of Life

Wealth Consciousness 

Free yourself from addictions

Forgiveness, Love, Power


Theta Healing®  Teacher Certifications:

Basic DNA

Advanced DNA

Dig Deeper


Crystal Layout Practitioner from Christina E. High-Hardy