About Christina

"From an early age, I have a curious, quick and analytical mind that already had many questions and longed for answers, I loved writing stories, dancing and singing, and had many conversations with God and other beings.


At some point there was a break, and although I felt the connection to God and the angels, but something felt missing. I had many allergies, was often with doctors, and had roles as a kid in our family that were not mine.


With my burning inner fire of finding the truth, exploring life - why something is as it is - as well as the deep-seated joy of life itself and the knowledge that healing is possible, I set off.

As the first experience of self-knowledge, acting came into my life. At the same time I encountered Reiki, then Kundalini Yoga and finally Theta Healing.


Theta Healing was like a fresh breeze and the answer to a prayer - that I can heal, come into my power and solve issues at the root - easily and simply.


Since 2013, Theta Healing has been in my life and I have found my connection to God /Creator again. I was finally able to dismiss roles that were not mine and experience healing in many facets on a physical, mental and spiritual level.


I love sharing all the experiences and the knowledge that comes with them. I am very grateful and love it to grow and go my path with other souls together.


"We are all angels on our own journey to realize ourselves

and thereby contribute to the awakening of the world. "


My wings are the Spirituality & the Artistic.

With the spirit of joy, lightness, cheerfulness, compassion and love it is my honor to be allowed to accompany you on your individual journey."


In love,