About Christina

✨ Welcome to my website✨

My name is Christina Siemoneit. I am originally from Lower Saxony and after many years experiencing the big city life, i do live now in a small town named Murnau.

Together with my partner Michael, some houseplants, lots of precious stones and essential oils, I live in a beautiful apartment in the center of town.

For all friends of astrology and human design, here are a few more

facts about me 💫🤓

Sign of the zodiac: Taurus. Ascendant: Scorpio

Human Design: Manifestor with 6/2 profile

🌺I love chocolate and also like to drink hot chili chocolate in summer at 31 degrees.

🌺Astrology, numerology were my first interests as a teenager.

🌺 I learned Reiki as the first healing method.

🌺I started with ballet as a child, then singing and later acting came into my life.


Figuratively speaking, the wings of my heart beat for creativity on the one hand and for spirituality on the other.✨

Acting brought me to Los Angeles in 2012/2013, where I got to know Kundalini Yoga and the Theta Healing technique. Both touched me deeply in my heart and gave me tools to free myself from roles that I had unconsciously assumed in my life.

Be it "the suffering healer", "the martyr" or "the poor artist".

And I became aware of one thing.

Film and life are built on the same principle.

There is a script = your life story

There is an author = that's you.

There are co-authors = your family, genetics, group consciousnesses ..

There is a main role = that is you

There are supporting roles = You cast them.

There is a director = that's you.


Everything starts with yourself.

Therefore, I am happy to support you with my experience, skills and tools, to cast off the roles that have become too narrow for you, to help you to write your own story again - one in which you can live your true self - freely, fulfilled and self-empowered


In anticipation,